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I am a historian of the European Late Middle Ages and the beginning Early Modernity. The main emphasis of my work lies at the legal and social history of the nobility and the regional history of the Holy Roman Empire. Since my cooperation at the Repertorium Academicum Germanicum (RAG) project, I am intrigued by university history and the visualisation of historical data. Since April 2023, I work as a researcher in the DFG project: Kommunikation und Sprache im Reich. Die Nürnberger Briefbücher im 15. Jahrhundert: Automatische Handschriftenerkennung – historische und sprachwissenschaftliche Analyse.

My doctoral project has the working title Die Positionierung des Grafenhauses Solms in der Region und im Reich während des 15. Jahrhunderts (eng.: The Positioning of the Count’s House of Solms in the Region and the Empire during the 15th Century; Supervisor Prof. Dr. Christine Reinle). From January 2020 to March 2023 this project was fully funded by the Gerda Henkel Foundation. Within three interdependent case studies I am illustrating the dynastic strategies, territorial politics and relations of the Count´s house with the German Emperor, Princes and other Imperial Estates during the 15th century. The overarching goal is to present an exemplary study on the self-assertion of minor rulers and their positioning in the vicinity of the Princes and Kingship of the Holy Roman Empire.

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